Double-tip glass ampoule for medical and pharmaceutical products

glass ampoule

Packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products is crucial. One of the materials widely used for packaging drugs for hundreds of years is the double-tip glass ampoule. Double-tip glass ampoule is a good choice for emerging markets, considering glass is 100% recyclable; hence, it does not contribute to environmental pollution, unlike its plastic counterpart. SFAM Group is a leader in the manufacture of double-tip ampoules. They have over 70 years of experience in manufacturing these hermetically sealed vials for pharmaceutical packaging.

Double-tip ampoules are available in clear, amber and yellow hues. Ampoules are made from borosilicate glass, which has high resistance to most chemicals and high temperatures. Double-tip ampoules can carry various capacities (1ml to 20 ml) of medical and pharmaceutical products. Using double-tip ampoules for medical and pharmaceutical products has various benefits.

1. Impermeability

The quality of medical and pharmaceutical products is an important aspect. Quality ensures the product is effective and does not cause negative side effects on the consumers. Glass containers are non-porous and impermeable. This ensures no chemical interactions between the glass packaging and the medical and pharmaceutical products. The impermeability of glass is also essential in keeping contaminants from the external environment from entering the media.

2. Follows a Structural Pattern of Mold

Glass ampoules are meant for one-time use. Double-tip ampoules are meant to be broken to release the enclosed medical product. This means it is essential to manufacture large quantities of these glass containers to meet the demand. The good thing about ampoules is that it is easy to make several containers.

The manufacturing of ampoules follows a structural pattern of the mould. Glass ampoules are made by first cutting measured gobs from molten glass. The gobs are then fed into a mould where they acquire their shapes through a press and blow process or a blow and blow process.

3. Can Filter Specific Wavelengths

Some medical and pharmaceutical products are photosensitive. Exposure to light can lead to deterioration. Such substances need to be stored in coloured containers to filter out specific wavelengths, thus keeping the product safe and unchanged.

Double-tip ampoules are available in yellow or amber glass. Amber, the most common hue for glass containers, is made by mixing the base glass formula with Iron, Sulphur and Carbon.

4. High Fusion Point

Another added advantage of double-tip ampoule is its high fusion point. Medical and pharmaceutical packaging materials need to be sterile to prevent their contents from going bad within a short period. Borosilicate glass used to make double-tip ampoules is highly resistant to high temperatures. This makes it tolerate the sterilization process where temperatures go as high as 1210°C during steam sterilization and even up to 2600°C during dry heat sterilization.

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