What are the different lithotherapy stones?


Lithotherapy is the process of curing with the use of precious stones such as ruby. This form of science is a blend of old practices which used stones (like in massages) and chromotherapy (using the colours of stones to heal the body and mind). The science behind lithotherapy is that stones communicate naturally a very special vibe that helps to enhance a person’s health and wellbeing when they’re wearing or close to a particular stone.

The objective of this post is to inform you what you need to know regarding the different stones and jewellery that are involved in lithotherapy. Also, you can visit the Mineral Kingdom to obtain more information about these valuable minerals.

What is the History of Lithotherapy?

The use of healing stones and their virtues are mainly based on old traditions. Since antiquity, gemstones such as ruby have been believed to possess therapeutic virtues. For instance, in Mesopotamia, Nippur tells people about using plants and stones in traditional medicine. One can notice the same from the traditions of Egyptian civilizations, or those of Greeks, Hebrews, Japanese, Chinese, Indians, and Aztecs.

In 1644, the doctor of emperor Rudolph II, Anselme Boece de Boot, wrote a book known as “The Perfect Jeweller and History of Stones”. In this publication, the doctor discusses the healing properties of valuable crystals and other topics. Also, in 1748, the doctor of King Louis the 14th shares about the healing properties of stones in his book titles, “The Drugs Encyclopaedia of Mr. Lemery”.

in 1869, Mr. Guibourt who was a renowned professor in the Superior School of Pharmacy in Paris (Ecole Superieure de Pharmacie) published a book titled, “The History of Simple Drugs”. He divides this book into three volumes in which the first volume is dedicated to minerals and gemstones.

How Can I Use Healing Gemstones?

Based on their respective properties, crystals offer positive energy to people. Therefore, if you would like to enjoy their full effect, you should wear them on pendants, bracelets, earrings, or other jewellery, or simply place them around you or your house. You can place them in water in the day or night depending on your needs. These crystals are also believed to balance a person’s chakras.

1. Amethyst

Amethysts are gemstones with bewitching purple reflections and are believed to purify and soothe. Known as the protector of life, amethyst enables people to find serenity and balance. It alleviates anxiety and stress and uses its spiritual energy to enhance relaxation and clarity; thus, accelerating the healing process.

It offers you good health and wellbeing and other positive repercussions to your mind and body. Amethysts also provide healing benefits for skin issues like burns, acne, and abscesses.it soothes and relieves redness. Importantly, they also remove toxins and unwanted materials rapidly from the body. They have a relaxing effect on the wearer which in turn smoothes out their facial features and delays the signs of aging.

2. Malachite

Malachite features a characteristic deep-green colour and it is believed to inspire hope and serenity. It offers assurance and reassurance. It’s also believed to initiate risk-taking and changes. Thanks to malachite, depressions and anxieties pave way for s=discernment and compassion. This gemstone prevents harmful waves from getting to the wearer and instead it encourages clairvoyance as well as expression of feelings.

Malachite has been used for millennia due to its cosmetic and medicinal properties. This gem has beautiful clear lines that look like long satin ribbons soothe and strengthen the wearer’s skin. The energy it has helps to facilitate tissue regeneration. It has a swift natural action that helps to relieve pain and it also boasts anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It revitalizes, purifies, and offers your skin a lot of radiance.

3. Jade

In traditional Chinese society, jade was considered to be a symbol of virtue, honesty, and honour. It is believed to provide balance and longevity. Jade removes guilt, is benevolent, and eases how people face reality. When you’re working on a project or a decision, jade helps to eliminate the fog and enhances your objectivity to judgment. It is considered to be naturally refreshing which means that this crystal is ideal for those who are seeking a youthful glow and balanced skin.

Besides decreasing your skin’s aging process, Jade purifies that skin thanks to its detoxing energy. It encourages skin elasticity and prevents dryness and irritation of the skin. Lastly, Jade is believed to encourage the circulation of blood in your body.

4. Black Obsidian

Many people refer to this stone as the stone of truth because it repels negative energies. Black obsidian is a volcanic rock that can retain heat. It is considered to be quite protective and it helps to keep away evil. It calms and soothes characters who are overly imposing. It strengthens the mind and acts on it; thus, no obstacle could resist it. It offers truth and comfort during tough situations. It also attracts success and luck like a magnet.

Black obsidian is perfect for people who have imperfect skin because it enhances healing and stimulates the circulation of blood. Its energy helps to detoxify the epidermis. It unifies your skin’s complexion and offers balance by releasing tensions that could cause your first fine lines. When you use it, you will realize that your features will soften and your skin will experience real comfort.

5. Rose Quartz

This special crystal typically has a soothing and purifying effect on the human body. It encourages listening, emotional stability, and inner peace. Since it is considered to be a symbol of respect, its soft pink colour helps people to forgive each other, to start trusting again, or to recover from a traumatic situation.

If you want to use it, put it close to your bed or beneath your pillow to obtain a sense of serenity and calmness. In ancient Egypt, rose quartz was used in the manufacture of cosmetics because of the stone’s smoothing, softening, and purifying properties. Fortunately, the silicon that is contained in the rose quartz is used to calm the redness and protect your skin. It gives you a softening experience for your skin and helps to regenerate it by making your skin plump and soft.

6. White Quartz

In the old ages, white quartz was a representation of eternity. It was and is used to refocus your mind and keep your mind and thoughts clear by eliminating negative thoughts. This special gemstone is also believed to be energizing and calming. It releases as well as eradicates various psychological blockages to keep you feeling focused. It encourages tolerance, improves memory, and enhances concentration.

This healing stone removes any imperfections and delays the emergence of wrinkles in your skin as you age. It was used in ancient times to cauterize wounds by being placed on top of the skin and exposed to the sun’s rays. The intention of doing this was to amplify the rays of the sun to produce the heat that was needed to perform the operation. Additionally, white quartz strengthens your skin and offers comfort and vitality to it. It helps to relieve stress and soothe your facial features.

7. Sodalite

Popularly known as the Poets Stone, Sodalite possesses the energy of a crashing wave that is filled to its brim with creativity. It has a white and deep blue-veined colour that looks like a starry or snowy sky. It is a symbol of meditation and purification and it is one of the gemstones that are recharged by the moon’s light. It makes you calm and encourages creativity and communication.

Sodalite is regarded as a stone of humility because it neutralizes fears and fosters courage. It lightens and soothes the skin from its imperfections. Its relaxing and purifying energies alleviate redness and neutralize the negative effects of pollution. Sodalite illuminates your skin’s complexion and soothes your face’s tensions naturally. Its white satiny veins offer unparalleled radiance to the texture of your skin.

How Do I Cleanse my Jewellery and Stones?

Regardless of which healing stone that you pick, always ensure that you take good care of it with intention, love, and every light you can muster. This crystal is supposed to be your talisman, the companion of your soul, and your amulet no matter what the world throws at you. Always keep it recharged and clean especially after you have endured heavy moments in your life. To keep them recharged and performing at their best, you should leave the stones out in the moonlight, leave them in the sun, or even in the rain. The main idea here is to allow nature to work its magic.

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