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heaviness in legs

What causes heaviness in legs?

There are many possible causes of heaviness in legs. Some causes are more serious than others. Here are some potential causes: -Standing or sitting for long periods of time -Pregnancy – Obesity -Heart disease -Venous insufficiency If you are experiencing…

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glass ampoule

Double-tip glass ampoule for medical and pharmaceutical products

Packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products is crucial. One of the materials widely used for packaging drugs for hundreds of years is the double-tip glass ampoule. Double-tip glass ampoule is a good choice for emerging markets, considering glass is 100%…

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What are the different lithotherapy stones?

Lithotherapy is the process of curing with the use of precious stones such as ruby. This form of science is a blend of old practices which used stones (like in massages) and chromotherapy (using the colours of stones to heal…

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Health tips and tricks to get in shape

Taking care of yourself, more specifically taking care of your health, is not something that can be done in minutes or hours. To be able to ensure your well-being, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle, make a few efforts…

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Clinical research and development: calling on a competent and specialised service provider

Clinical operations, also known as clinical trials, consist of practical research in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. The aim of such a process is to check whether care and products have side effects on humans. It is therefore essential to…

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Which organic infant milk should I choose for my baby?

There are various reasons for a mother to choose to give infant milk to her child. The most common cause is that there is insufficient capacity to produce breast milk. Others choose not to breastfeed at all, it is a…

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Where and how to find a good herbalist?

Natural herbal products have many health benefits and act relatively quickly compared to synthetic products. They are more and more popular in this world where natural products are top trends. Here’s how to find a good herbalist. Natural products for…

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How do you treat a brain tumor?

Before beginning medical treatment for a brain and spinal cord tumour, it is important to find out a few things about the disease. This is made possible in part by the many advances in modern medicine. So what are the…

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Online purchase of professional quality medical cold accumulators

A cold accumulator facilitates the cold chain storage of food products but also medical products for at least 24 hours. This equipment allows a health structure to transport insulin and vaccines for a certain period of time while maintaining an…

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Well-being and beauty: choosing quality products

Well-being and beauty are at the centre of concerns for both men and women. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to recognize a good product. To choose quality products, there are a few golden rules to follow. Choose products of natural…

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